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  •  Fully solid state design
  •  Independent Monopolar and Bipolar generators with
  •  Isolated outputs
  •  The Monopolar generator provides CUT (with
  •  Switch selection of BLEND) and COAG facilities
  •  While the Bipolar generator is for Dessication
  •  Bipolar Generator has Auto switching with delay or
  •  Footswitch control
  •  Operating modes are identified by audio tones and
  •  Panel lights
  •  IIIuminated ON/OFF switch
  •  Suitable for underwater CUT and COAG
ACE 300
Spray coagulation with safe isolation quickly controls bleeding with minimal tissue destruction. We call it ?Super Spray?. That?s because it provides superior control of bleeding with less depth of tissue necrosis and minimal destruction.

Spray coagulation can be used to give rapid fulguration for virtually all types of procedures from delicate micro-surgery to demanding oncology and thoracic surgery.

Advance and modern technology based Electro Surgical unit ARETE 400 DEXTER provides high level user consistent performance and safety for all demanding procedures. The nature of multi specialty of the unit is to be compatible with all standard, general accessories and other tools.
  •  Reduce the sticking and dragging of electrode in different tissue.
  •  Reduce the frequent adjustment of power setting as the tissue changes
  •  Unit consist of tissue impedance control system which send real time feedback.
  •  Reduce the risk of collateral tissue damage due to sparkles and charring free power.
  •  Minimize the patient recovery time by performing precise and clean cutting and coagulation.
  •  Minimum RF distortion in other O.T. Equipment.
  •  Patient plate fault monitoring system for proper contact.
  •  Auto monitoring facility, indicates different error codes if any error comes during use.
  •  Randomized form of spray mode
  •  Internal SMPS Power supply.
  •  Two independent power activation of mono polar output, hand switch operation and foot switch operation.
  •  Separate bipolar generator with foot switch operation or hand (auto) operation, eliminates the need of foot switch need to be used.
  •  Different 12 program memories can be stored for different applications by specialists.
Technical Specification

MONOPOLAR CUT Pure Cut 500Ù 400 W
Blend Cut - I 500Ù 300 W
Blend Cut - II 500Ù 250 W
Endo Cut 500Ù 250 W

Force 500Ù 200 W
Dessicate 500Ù 175 W
Spray 350Ù 120 W

BIPOLAR Std 100Ù 150 W
Macro 100Ù 125 W
Micro 100Ù 100 W
Bi Cut 100Ù 150 W

Technical Specification

Input Voltage 200-220V Ac/50 Hz
Current Fuse 6 Amps
Unit ConstructionAccording IEC-60601-2 & 60601-1
Protection I
Unit Type CF
Output All Floating Output
Nominal Frequency 350 KHz
High Frequency <150ìA RMS in all output
Low Frequency <10µA max.
Weight 6.5Kg.
Dimension 390x130x340mm
The comprehensive range offered by us finds application in private clinics, public hospitals, nursing homes and many more. For the ease of our patrons, we offer these Products at industry leading price.

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